Release Weight and keep it off forever -  Online Program - Starting 19th April 2017 - limited space 

7 Signs you finally need to find out the cause of weight gain

  1. You get ill just before an important presentation and or Deadline at work
  2. Brain fog - poor decisions and procrastination is running at an all-time High
  3. You not sleeping and are feeling anxious all the time
  4. You doing all the “right” things but the weight never comes down only rises
  5. You would rather hide in your room than face the world
  6. Feeling restricted by clothes and circumstances. All you think about is “ WEIGHT”
  7. You feeling depleted, exhausted, and depressed

I have lived with these feelings plus many more for over 33 years. I was sent to Weight Watchers at the age of 11, which triggered a lifetime rollercoaster ride of me desperately seeking the solution to weight gain, up and down like a yo-yo frantically trying everything to lose and keep off weight, without lasting results. All my relationships suffered, and my career choices were determined by how slim or fat I was at the time. I repeated diet after diet from starving myself, eating strange things like paw- paw pips, and punishing myself when I wasn’t “ a good girl” by denying myself food. Feeling guilty about eating – all eyes watching me. When I did lose a bit but very soon I would have gained back even more.  Fortunately, my love of the magnificent mind and latest Neuroscience research lead me to discover the reasons why diets are not successful and more importantly, the effect that this has on relationships, health and success. I am a qualified REIKI, “Tapping” (EFT) – Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Re- Imprinting  and Rapid Transformational Therapist (includes Cell Command Therapy), specialising in weight and executive stress. The techniques I have studied, my understanding of human behaviour and having the gift to see the situation from all sides has culminated in this unique exclusive program –

Knowledge of THYSELF is Power

“ If only I had met me sooner I would have had a chance to love me longer” Sharyn      

Just imagine waking up every day being able to focus all your attention on your family, career, fun, adventure, experiences, success and interests rather than wasting your valuable energy looking for the next “quick fix” “flavour of the month diet/eating plan”.


1 x one -on- one session with me on SKYPE to uncover your beliefs around weight that are unique to YOU where I will personalise a command cell recording for your specific issues approximately 30 minutes to listen to every day

Six – Online group sessions (maximum of 12/15 people per group) for 90 Mins which will include a lesson on the different aspects around weight and how our beliefs about our self are formed, “Tapping” (EFT) around cravings, emotional eating, and resistance to eating healthy. The download, PDF’s, and cell command therapy recording of the week will be made available within 24 hours.

The following modules are an outline of what we will be covering and if any other issues are urgent for the group we will include those too

  • Module 1: Cortisol - the Dangerous stress weight Hormone and the downward spiral if not managed. Clearing beliefs that will get in the way of your success. Setting a firm foundation for the weeks ahead
  • Module 2:  Special module on the emotions of time and money
  • Module 3: Conquering cravings and feelings about your body
  • Module 4: Clearing resistance to health lifestyle choices  
  • Module 5: Teaching you not to be susceptible to the negative influence of others
  • Module 6: Relationships, Charisma, and Choices

Introductory Special Pricing                                                              R 2,380.00/$185

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